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General www.e-color.gr is “Samara & Co G.P.” (henceforth “the Company”)’s e-commerce web platform for the sale of goods.

Company HQ: 13, Pontou Str, Ptolemaida, 50200, Greece
Tax registry number: 999136120
E-mail: info@e-color.gr
Telephone number for placing orders: +30 2463054707, +30 2463502293

The use of our e-shop and your purchases on it are determined and governed by the stipulations and provisions below. Before using our e-shop www.e-color.gr, please read carefully and make sure you have understood and agree with said provisions, rules and declarations since further use of the site implies your explicit and non-provisional acceptance and agreement. The Company reserves the right to modify the contents of the website www.e-color.gr at any time without prior notification to the users. Any modification or change does not affect and does not apply to orders which have already been placed. The e-shop’s usage by minors or persons who lack the ability to conclude any contracts, is forbidden.

Copyright The design, graphics, content and settings of our online store is copyright ownership of the Company Information on Personal Data Processing What is the personal information I need to provide in order to complete my order? Placing an order on the Company’s online store requires the gathering of some personal information. This includes the name (first and last), the delivery address, the invoice address (if different than the delivery address), additional invoice information (in case of invoice payment), a telephone number (for communication purposes regarding your order) and an e-mail address.

Personal Data transfer to third parties The Company processes your personal data according to law (article 7A, paragraph 1 N. 2472/1997) for the purpose of delivering your order and under no circumstances will it be transferred, sold or revealed to third parties unless waiving of confidentiality has been legally invoked (Ν. 2225/1994 or National Instruction 24/2006).

Your credit card information is directly processed by the bank, within the bank’s secure payment platform and the Company cannot access nor collect it.

Why should I provide my personal information?
www.e-color.gr uses your personal information in order to contact you regarding (i) the delivery of your order at your premises, (ii) the verification of your order if needed, (iii) new or alternative to your order products (in case your order cannot be immediately fulfilled) found at www.e-color.gr, (iv) special offers, (v) corporate news and (vi) gift delivery upon participation in our online lottery. You can opt out of receiving this type of communication by sending a request to info@e-color.gr. www.e-color.gr sets high standards and demands by its employees and its website administrators to provide the utmost discretion when handling your personal information. In no other than delivering your order circumstance can the Company share your personal information without your prior consent, unless it is requested by the official channels according to the law. Please notice that under certain cases, we are obliged by law to reveal personal information that has been collected online without your consent.

Products - Availability – Description
The available products, their description along with their price and their availability is accessible to all via our online store www.e-color.gr. The Company, despite its efforts to display real time availability of its products, cannot guarantee its accuracy. However, it does guarantee the timely update of its customers regarding a product’s unavailability. In case of unavailable products, we will contact you immediately to inform you of the delivery of new stock, or to refund you in case you have prepaid your order and you wish a refund. www.e-color.gr is not responsible for any mistakes of technical nature nor is it liable for any inaccurate information regarding its products (description or prices). Despite our efforts to keep product information up to date, we would advise you, before completing your order, to contact us if the price of a product, or its description seems to be out of the ordinary. Our prices include VAT (24% or 13% for certain items). The Company reserves the right to change the prices of its products without further notice.

Orders and Consumer Protection
Orders placed online are governed by the legal proceedings described by the law (Ν. 2251/1994) and the amendments 131/2003, FEK Α’ 116/16.05.2003. Any user can place an order as long as he or she is capable of complying with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code regarding sales transactions, i.e. the user has turned 18 years old and there is no judicial ban in concluding a sales contract. Orders can also be placed by legal representatives of established companies. The Company reserves the right not to refund the shipping cost of a product return if the order was placed by entities not allowed to complete an online transaction as seen by the law.

Miscellaneous Force Majeure: In the case of Force Majeure (e.g. bad weather, strikes) that prevents us from delivering your order within the time frame set in the shipping section of this website, you will be notified via e-mail and you will be given the choice to cancel your order. The Company is not responsible for any events outside its jurisdiction that prevent the timely delivery of an order and gives significant importance to its customer service. If upon delivery, you notice that one or more items of your order are missing please contact us so that we can arrange the delivery of the remaining items at no additional cost for you. Upon exceptionally long delay in the delivery of an order please contact one of our representatives or send us an email. We would advise you in that case to provide the order number that was automatically sent to you when placing the order.

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